20 Instagram Hacks, Features, and Tips Everyone Should Know

20 Instagram Hacks, Features, and Tips Everyone Should Know

Instagram is a challenge to master. Even people who use it multiple times a day find themselves surprised by a feature they never realized was there. That’s why we’ve put together twenty of our favorite Instagram hacks, features, and tips organized around how we use Instagram: Setup & Privacy, User Experience, and Posting. Let’s get started. 

Setup, Privacy, & Security

Privacy is important on the internet, especially on a platform Meta owns. Let’s face it, they don’t have the best track record in keeping our privacy settings the way we want them to be and making big changes to how their platforms are set up. Whether you’re new to Instagram or have been on the site for ages, these are tips and hacks that will help you ensure Instagram functions the way you want it to, securely. 

Set Up 2-Factor Authentication

Every site should offer 2-Factor Authentication and for any site that does, you should take advantage of it. This extra layer of security requires an additional, one-time code, usually when you log in from a new device. 

Create Multiple Accounts Based on Your Needs

Whether you’re using Instagram for your business or for yourself, multiple accounts help you keep your Instagram interests organized. For a business, multiple accounts make it easier to target posts relevant to interests around specific services. Even if you only need one account for your business, if you use Instagram personally you want to keep your business and personal life separate on the platform. This goes for public figures and influencers too – you don’t want to overshare. 

Additional setup tips include:

  • Include Your Other Instagram Account(s) in Your Bio
  • Add and Manage Multiple Accounts on the Same Device
  • Create an Auto-Complete Quick Reply for Standard Responses
  • Regularly Clear Your Search History in Your Settings
  • Adjust Your Settings to Approve Tagged Photos Before They Show Up on Your Profile
  • Organize Your Saved Posts in Collections

User Experience

As a user, whether it’s your private Instagram or for your business, having a good experience on the platform is important. These tips will help improve your experience on the platform when you browse or look for posts to share. 

Delete Unwanted Comments on Posts

Not every comment is good for you or beneficial to your Instagram goals. If a comment is unnecessary or rude, don’t be afraid to delete it. This is YOUR Instagram, after all. 

Hide Unwanted Tagged Photos

Whether it’s because you just adjusted your approval settings for tagged posts or because they’re no longer relevant, you can hide photos others tag you in. It can be as simple as you no longer share an interest or as major as being tagged in photos with an ex. You won’t remove the posts, but they will stop showing up on your profile. 

Teach the Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm learns from how you interact with the site. These two tips will help you teach the algorithm to recognize your interests better and improve your experience and overall engagement. 

  • Hide Ads You’re Not Interested In
  • Like, Share, and Comment on Posts You Find Relevant 
Posting on Instagram

Posting on Instagram

Posting Tips

If you’re posting on Instagram, whether for your business or your personal use, you want people to see and engage with your posts. The tip above for teaching the algorithm will help you increase engagement (people will notice when you share and comment on their posts). These tips will help you drive more engagement on your posts and help your Instagram content work for you. 

  • Include Multiple Pictures in a Single Post 
  • Use Line Breaks in Your Description
  • Hide Hashtags with Line Breaks or in Comments
  • Use Your Filters to Give Images Borders
  • Share a Story on Your Main Feed
  • Create Story Highlights So Stories Last Longer
  • If You Need Content, Share Content from Others to Your Story
  • For Businesses:
    • Use Services Like Linktree and Calls to Action to Drive People to Your Site
    • Drive Site Traffic to Instagram by Embedding Your Instagram Posts on WordPress

Finally, the best hack that Instagram offers: 

Use Instagram as a Photo Editor Without Posting

This requires a little setup and practice. Here are the steps to having Instagram filters for your personal photo editing. 

  1. Go to Instagram Settings and turn on “Save Original Photo”
  2. When you go to edit put your phone into Airplane Mode
  3. Go into Instagram and begin to post a photo. Use the editing and filters you want
  4. Press Share

When you share, you’ll receive an error message because you’re in Airplane Mode that your upload failed. Go to your phone’s Gallery and you’ll find your edited image there. 

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