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Brand & Logo Design

The Importance of Unique and Memorable Branding

The brand is the face of a company. Branding lets the customer know what type of company you are, and gives them the first impression of whether or not they want to do business with you. Media Components’ brand and logo design services provides branding and logos to convey your company at a glance, with memorable and simple results that work well in both digital and print media.


Elements of Branding

Branding Strategy

Before anything else, your brand strategy must be identified: how do you want to present your company? What’s the first impression potential customers should take away? Media Components will help you zero in on these answers to form a cohesive brand strategy.

Logo Design

The logo is the face of the company, and the first impression many people get. It is the most important part of your brand strategy and must be memorable, personable, and welcoming. Media Components works with you to develop a logo in line with your company’s brand.

Marketing Materials

Whether your brand and logos already exist, or we just created them, Media Components can then apply them to all sorts of marketing materials, from office supplies like stationery and business cards to promotional material like giveaway mugs and merchandise.

Brand Integration

Once your brand is established, it’s important that it be consistent everywhere. Media Components will integrate your branding into your new or existing website, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and wherever else you may need the branding updated.

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