Apple’s War on Facebook: Google Has Entered the Battle. How Can You Use It for Your Business

Apple’s War on Facebook: Google Has Entered the Battle. How Can You Use It for Your Business

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared 2023 the “year of efficiency”; however, it’s proven to be the year of user privacy. Between Facebook and Apple’s ongoing war for data and concerns over AI, privacy, and intellectual property, people are paying more attention to how companies track them online and what happens with their data. Let’s look at the digital advertising landscape and how you can advance. 

The Privacy Clash

The tension between Facebook and Apple became an all-out war in 2021 when Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT) to its iOS 14.5 update. This feature allowed users to decide if and how they wanted apps to track their data across apps and websites. While good for user privacy, it proved devastating to Facebook, which relied on tracking activity to power its ad engine. The result was a sizable drop in revenue. 

While the clash between Facebook and Apple has been a game-changer for the platform, Apple’s privacy requirements aren’t the only privacy response that Facebook and other media have to worry about. Support for 3rd-party cookies has been phasing out for a little over a year following regulatory changes. 

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Google Enters the Fray

Google has been working to adjust to the impending loss of 3rd-party cookies. Their initial attempt to replace cookie tracking came from FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts). While initially seen as a promising advancement in tracking user behavior, FLoC quickly drew controversy, and Google replaced it with Topics API. 

Rather than tracking each site a user visits through a Google search or their Chrome browser, Topics catalogs the relevant topics related to the places they visit, creating a list of issues to help determine the type of ads a user will see. 

Topics are still being refined, with the most significant concern around fingerprinting – using Topics API to approximate user identity without an actual ID (usually by noting browser, hardware, add-ons, and preferences). For its part, Google has requested that developers using the API not engage in fingerprinting. 

Using the Battle to Your Advantage through Digital Advertising

So, how can your business benefit from this ongoing battle?

  • Diversify Your Advertising Strategy: Given the challenges Facebook faces with Apple’s privacy updates, it’s wise to diversify your advertising channels. Google’s initiatives in privacy-centric advertising and other platforms like TikTok and Pinterest can offer alternative avenues to reach your audience effectively.
  • Embrace Privacy-Centric Tools: As privacy becomes a paramount concern for users, consider adopting privacy-focused advertising tools and strategies. This ensures compliance with evolving regulations and builds trust with your audience. 
  • Stay Informed: Keep a close watch on developments in the tech world. Changes in the digital advertising landscape happen rapidly, and being aware of emerging trends and technologies can give your business a competitive edge.
  • Test and Adapt: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different platforms and strategies. A/B testing and data analysis can help you determine what works best for your specific audience.
  • Prioritize User Trust: Above all, prioritize user trust and data protection. Show your customers that you respect their privacy and are committed to safeguarding their information. This will set your business apart in an era of growing privacy concerns.


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Choose a Team You Can Trust When it Comes to Digital Advertising. 

The ongoing battle between Apple, Facebook (Meta), and Google reshapes the digital advertising landscape. By staying informed, embracing privacy-centric tools, and diversifying your advertising strategy, your business can navigate these changes effectively and thrive in an evolving tech ecosystem. A digital marketing agency that stays on top of these trends values user privacy, and tailors services is just what you need to gain a competitive edge. Media Components is that agency. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.