Top 3 Social Media Trends Accelerated by COVID-19 That Still Stand Today

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Top 3 Social Media Trends Accelerated by COVID-19 That Still Stand Today

The Coronavirus pandemic changed the world in ways that most people never expected. In a lockdown, we found ourselves separated from the world, with only social media to serve as a window to the outside world. It was no wonder then that even stagnant platforms found themselves suddenly growing in relevancy over the past two years. We’ve seen surprising social media trends over this time, but there are three that COVID-19 accelerated that are valid today. 

The Growth of Online Shopping 

When brick-and-mortar stores had to shut down and reduce their hours for the pandemic, consumers had no choice but to turn to online shopping. Online shopping took off in popularity. Simply put – it’s convenient and people saw firsthand how easy it can be to click a few buttons and receive an order, sometimes only hours later. All of this quickly extended onto social media platforms, where users could click directly from an ad or a post to purchase a product. 

Trends show that even with people returning to local stores, that online shopping is staying popular. Social media platforms are as well, and they have the incentive to make shopping through their platforms easier. Facebook, and Twitter, all of these platforms make money when users stay on their platforms, not when they have to click away elsewhere. 

Advantage: For businesses on social media, this trend means making your products accessible through integration, quick links, and demonstration videos. 

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Influence of Influencer Marketing

As people were pushed onto social media for the community, influencers rose in popularity. We began to follow people whose ideas, videos, and photos we liked, sharing ideas, or often living vicariously, as we were stuck indoors. Businesses began looking at these relationships to directly reach consumers, so we saw more and stronger collaborations between influencers and brands. 

Influencers continue to rise in prominence. Even celebrity darling Jennifer Anniston has felt the pressure. She’s been criticized recently for her comments about social media influencers’ popularity. Her worries, however, make one thing clear: influencers are a viable part of the entertainment and advertising market that isn’t going anywhere. 

Advantage: One of the most powerful partnerships you can make on social media is to team up with an influencer. Choose someone whose style and content match your business ideals and services to tap into a loyal consumer base. 

Social Media Influencer Getting a lot of Engagement
Social Media Influencer Getting a lot of Engagement

Paid Advertising Is a Must

Social media has grown, but not just in organic users. Organization and business presence have grown over the pandemic as well. Once upon a time, a clever social media manager could bring a page to prominence through the clever use of hashtags and viral sharing. Now, this is the tactic every business uses online. Moving beyond the pandemic, companies have found that in order to get eyes from social media, they had to invest in targeted advertising. 

Advantage: If you don’t have an ad account for your primary social media platforms, create one now. However, don’t advertise indiscriminately. When you create your advertising, consider: 

  • Clearly set goals for your campaign
  • The audience you want to target – you have to know your audience to be effective ( has more about post-pandemic marketing)
  • Set a budget to help you maximize your campaigns

Accelerate Your Post-Pandemic Social Media Marketing with Media Components

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