Podcast Marketing: Leveraging the Growing Popularity of Audio Content

Podcast Marketing: Leveraging the Growing Popularity of Audio Content

While we live with screens in our faces daily, podcasts continue to grow in popularity. Podcasts have been around for a while, but marketers, wooed by visual media, are still underbudgeting for this key market. So, let’s look at what you’re missing and how you can leverage podcast marketing to boost your brand. 

What Is a Podcast? 

A podcast is an audio program you subscribe to, usually via a website or a listening app. Podcasts have been around for years because starting a podcast is fairly easy. You just need to be able to record and edit audio, have an idea, and the ability to upload to a podcast service. 

Podcasts and Growth Marketing

Brands overlook podcasts for marketing venues because podcasts tend to be niche. However, podcasts provide a great opportunity for growth marketing. This type of marketing strategy focuses on driving growth through targeted marketing. How does this work with podcasts? If your target demographic is young female professionals, a popular podcast such as The Women in Tech Podcast would be an excellent way to target them with your marketing message. 

Using Podcasts for Targeted Growth

Now that we’ve discussed podcasts and how they can help boost your targeted marketing, let’s look at two ways you can utilize them in your marketing. 

Create a Branded Podcast

If you have a lot of knowledge about your industry, consider creating a podcast for your brand. This lets you demonstrate your expertise, offer useful tips and advice, and build brand awareness. 

Be a Guest on Other Podcasts

If hosting your podcast isn’t your thing, consider making guest appearances on other podcasts instead. You still have the opportunity to share your expertise and build brand awareness by joining a podcast with an already-established audience. 

Best Practices for Podcasts

Whether creating your podcast or planning a series of podcast appearances, these tips will help ensure your marketing success. 

  • Identify your target audience
  • Determine what value you will bring to the podcast
  • Plan out the content (whether for your podcast or what you’ll discuss as a guest)
  • Keep the focus on quality
  • Encourage people to engage with you
  • Be consistent, whether it’s your podcast or you’re appearing on other podcasts

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