The Importance of Personal Branding

Give Your Content More Personality

The phrase “personal branding” has become far more present in conversations, particularly in the business world. Everyone has a brand. From a handshake and a smile, people’s first impression of you stays with them. You want to make that moment count. How do you want them to view you? Answering that question is part of the importance of personal branding.

What is Your Personal Brand?

Social media opens doors to many eyes. So, if you want to present yourself in a specific manner, it needs to be consistent. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube – you can control the narrative of what people learn about you and make sure your language retains the continuity of your “message.”

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, explained that “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Personal Branding:

  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Shares your skills and experiences
  • Addresses specific focus points aimed at your desired clientele
  • Gives people a peek into your personality
  • Creates an online footprint that you can take into other media forums (like magazines)
  • Helps your business grow

Website Wonders

One helpmate in creating your personal brand is having a website. Now, unless you are a tech and SEO guru, you’ll probably need help with this. Companies like Media Components, in Bucks County, not only build websites but offer services like marketing, graphics, and ECommerce. 

It’s estimated that 70% of employers surf social media and boards where people post their resumes to pre-screen candidates for a job opening. As a result, the entire market for contract and freelance work is growing by leaps and bounds. There are nearly 60 million contracts and freelancers in the United States, and shows no signs of diminishing.

Small businesses are also turning to professionals in creating their logos, print materials, direct mailings, banners, and backdrops. Visuals matter. A successful logo on the internet or paper catches the eye and is easily remembered. Adding a tagline or jingle makes you even more memorable. Just don’t write a sonnet!

Experts in Branding 

If you’re having trouble conceptualizing personal branding, it helps to have some examples to which to refer. Bear in mind, it takes time and consistent effort to develop a great brand and keep it going. Some people have executed this in amazing ways. 

  • Oprah Winfrey: Her message is about being the best YOU by trusting in your potential
  • Elron Musk: Known for impressive research and development. 
  • Bill Nye: “The Science Guy.”
  • Brian Dean: Web traffic guru
  • Martha Stewart: Lifestyle-related focus with never-ending output
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: Besides acting, his focus is on restoring threatened ecosystems
  • Michelle Obama: Renown for her adept speaking skills and independent initiatives

Now, most of us won’t have such a powerful presence globally, but what matters is keeping it real. In looking at these people, there is a sense of trust and authenticity. When you build from an honest foundation, it helps your digital presence greatly.

The Takeaway

Brand building is a common concept in business, but individuals can build their brand that benefits them professionally and personally. It takes time and nurturing, but having a great website helps a lot. It is your letter of introduction. Find a reliable, professional company, like Media Components, to guide your way. Drop us a note or call (215) 396-3311 for more information. Once you’re set-up, remember the importance of new material, networking, and keeping those “clicks” going. 

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