Why Your Business Should Advertise on Social Media

Why Your Business Should Advertise on Social Media

There was a time when social media for businesses was optional. With over 2 billion currently active social media users online, that time has passed.

In this day and age, any business without active social media pages may be seen as unprofessional, impersonal, and disconnected from the modern world. Digital marketing is now one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools that companies can use to reach their clients. Any company that makes the choice not to advertise themselves on social media is missing out on a myriad of benefits that social media marketing provides.

How can social media advertising help your business? We have outlined what advertising using social media can help you accomplish:

Grow brand awareness and customer loyalty

Maintaining a strong social media presence makes it far easier for your customers to locate and interact with your company. The more often a person sees a brand, the more comfortable he or she is doing business with that brand.

Consumers are more likely to be loyal to a brand if they follow the brand’s social media pages. This is why having strong, consistent branding and social media presence is crucial. Customer retention is increased when people see that your business is consistent and responsive on social media.

Gain information about your target audience

Every single day there are millions and millions of posts uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This data is an invaluable source of your potential customers likes, dislikes, goals, hobbies, and spending habits. When used correctly, this data can give you customer insights that can be used to guide your company’s social media and general operations strategy.

With the immediate nature of current social media platforms, you can monitor trends, conversations, and opinions surrounding your business in real time. Listening to what your clients want can help you make better business moves, and social media reporting is a window into your client’s desires.

Build trust and strengthen relationships

Social media provides a two-way communication avenue between businesses and consumers. It is easier than ever for people to leave reviews, ratings, and comments about a business thanks to social media features. A company with great customer feedback on their social pages creates instant trust with new customers. This type of social proof is crucial to your business growth.

Everybody loves to share things that they find exciting, useful, and emotionally engaging. With a smart social media strategy, you can persuade your followers to share information about your business on social media. In turn, your audience becomes your promoters. People trust the opinions of their friends and neighbors more than a random billboard or TV advertisement. High social media engagement can help you reach a much wider audience and generate many more customers.

Save money with targeted social ads

Compared to traditional methods of advertising, social ads offer a much greater return on investment. The greatest advantage of social media is the ability to reach wide audiences even with a small budget. Instagram ads have proven to be one of the most cost-effective methods of advertising, due to Instagram’s ridiculously high engagement levels.

Every social media platform offers you options to target your audience based on various factors
On Facebook you can target your audience based on demographics, habits, interests, location, and connections. Ad campaigns run on LinkedIn can target your potential customers by company, job title, gender, age, and location. This type of precise targeting with paid social media advertising assures that none of your money is wasted advertising to people that have no interest or need in what your business offers. And with social media reporting tools you can evaluate and track the success of your social ads in real time.

Achieve popularity with video content marketing

Video content has recently become the focus of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. On Facebook alone, users spend over 100 million hours viewing video content. Mobile social media users find videos especially appealing: 90% of buyers view videos on their mobile devices.

Videos are the best type of content when it comes to return on investment. In marketing, the end goal is to convert leads into buyers, and video content is known to provide the highest lead conversion. Surveys show that an overwhelmingly majority of consumers utilize product videos when making decisions on whether or not to purchase a product. Though video production is not as simple or inexpensive as a text or image post, the engagement that video content provides is worth the cost.