Location Based Marketing to Acquire, Engage, and Retain Customers Using Facebook & FourSquare

Location Based Marketing to Acquire, Engage, and Retain Customers Using Facebook & FourSquare

It’s easier than ever to find a good place to eat, a reliable mechanic, or a good barber, all in a place you’ve never been before thanks to local marketing services like Facebook Local, Google Places, and Foursquare. Given what a great service these sites provide, you want to make sure that your business is taking full advantage of these “check-in” sites to drive traffic and customers to you.

[blockquote align=”” cite=””]Millions of people check in on foursquare every day to meet up with friends nearby, keep up with friends around the world, and share their experiences through photos and comments.[/blockquote]

First of all, let’s explore why people use Foursquare-type services: first and foremost, obviously, it is to find businesses nearby. But the “checking-in” is driven by something else: the fun and “game” aspect of these sites. Users essentially compete for virtual badges, to become the person who checks in the most, or (and this is where you come in) for actual material prizes from the business they’re checking in with.

[blockquote align=”” cite=””]Save at your favorite retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues and
more by using Facebook on your mobile phone. In just a few clicks,
you can get individual discounts, share deals with your friends, earn
rewards, and secure donations for good causes.[/blockquote]

You can take advantage of this and bring people to you by advertising discounts, free prizes or items, or a loyalty program for those who check in. Think of it as the modern-day version of the sandwich shop punch card: instead of “10 punch holes gets you a free sandwich,” it’s 10 check-ins that gets you that sandwich. Perhaps you offer a special discount to whoever is the “mayor” (the person who checks in the most) of your business. These incentives are fun, build goodwill toward your company, and keep people coming back and checking in, spreading the word about your business as they do.

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