Building Loyalty with Brand Pages on Facebook – Philadelphia Social Media Marketing

Building Loyalty with Brand Pages on Facebook – Philadelphia Social Media Marketing

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a Facebook account. If so, you’re familiar with how personal an experience it is. You’ve selected the people you want to know about, the interests you want to display, and the photos you want to share. Probably, you’ve also “liked” certain businesses you frequent.

Think about how powerful a tool that is for the business you’ve “liked.” They haven’t had to put any effort forward to “pulling you in,” and yet you have just clicked a button that opts into seeing advertising and information from them on a website you check multiple times daily. Now think about the benefit that a “like” could offer your business!

If you don’t have a Facebook brand page for your business, there’s no reason not to sign up for one immediately. Facebook brand pages aren’t just another webpage with your company’s name on it; they are multi-purpose, personal connections with your customers. People will like your page because they have some sort of loyalty to your company, and then it’s your job to keep that loyalty strong. This means:

  1. Keep your brand page updated: Continuously update your brand page with information, but keep the blatant advertising low! No one will stick around on a page that is all ads. Instead, offer tips, tricks, and advice in the niche your product serves, and throw in some promotional posts here and there.
  2. Read and Respond to your fans: You created the brand page to interact with your customers – now remember to do it! Answer their questions, respond to positive and negative feedback, and let them know that you take their input seriously.
  3. Keep a personal tone: The most important rule of all, this applies to all you do on your brand page. Keep a professional tone that matches with your company brand, but make sure that you maintain a personal feel. Address people by name, speak in the first person if appropriate, and keep a sense of humor in your postings.

Your Facebook brand page is an excellent opportunity that, when seized correctly, can make all the difference in word-of-mouth and social-media driven business. If people feel they have a real personal connection to your company, they will share your name online and in person.

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