iOS 7 beta 3, Media Components, and Mobile Responsive Web Design

iOS 7 beta 3, Media Components, and Mobile Responsive Web Design

Apple’s upcoming release of iOS 7 is already impacting mobile web design in a significant way. In iOS 7, beta 3 of which was recently released, Apple has completely redesigned the interface to a flat, layered look. This means that existing apps that are designed for the old look, including Apple’s own iWork suite (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) will stick out like sore thumbs, but it applies just as equally to mobile and responsive websites.

Beta versions of Apple's upcoming "iWork in the Cloud"

Beta versions of Apple’s upcoming “iWork in the Cloud”

There has been a lot of chatter around iOS 7, positive and negative. Much of the negative focuses on legibility, with some pointing out that the thin fonts and lighter colors are difficult to read. iOS 7 beta 3 has thickened up its fonts and added subtle shadows for contrast, but the general look has stayed the same and will continue to stay the same. This means we have a very good idea of how mobile website design trends will need to change to feel at home on iOS 7.

iOS 7-beta-3-iOS-6

iOS 7 (left) and iOS 6 (right)

Media Components is an all-Apple office, using top-of-the-line Mac computers for our graphic and web design purposes. We test mobile sites on iPhone, not just in the browser. We can say with confidence that the general trends in mobile and responsive design will look out of place in iOS 7 beta 3 and beyond. Going forward, designs will need to be flatter and “lighter,” with minimal gradient effects and drop shadows.

Of course, just because Apple does one thing doesn’t mean you should abandon your unique design just to fit in. Media Components is keeping up with the latest in the design field and can work with your design to keep its unique style while also adjusting it to feel at home on iOS 7. Contact us today to request a free consultation!