The Influence of Short-Form Video Platforms

The Influence of Short-Form Video Platforms

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are in a battle for the short attention spans of users. While TikTok brought short-term video content to the mainstream, the craze started with Vine, which allowed users to access and upload short videos from their phones. What makes short-form videos so popular, and how can we use them in our digital marketing approaches? Keep reading to learn more!

Why So Short-Form?

Stop me if you’ve heard this, “kids these days have such short attention spans because they watch TV all day instead of reading.” If this is your first time hearing this and you rolled your eyes, join the club. I’ve been rolling my eyes at this for decades. Society likes to blame television, radio, advertisements, and even video games for short attention spans when the truth is, these things get our attention because they are short. 

Our brains do a lot of work for us throughout the day, often without us even noticing. One of the things our brains must do is keep us safe, namely by looking for sudden changes in the environment. This means that our brains are both hard-wired to pay attention to quick events and memorize key details of quick events. These two functions helped our ancestors dodge hiding predators and helped us do things like avoid sudden accidents on the interstate. 

Short-Form Video

They also help advertisers make a message memorable. This is why short ads have a greater impact than longer ads. Information comes at us quickly in a format (through actions, a catchy tune, or via a familiar face) and our brains catch the bits of that information that are accentuated. In fact, researchers have determined that longer ads are actually less efficient (and may undo some of that memory retention). 

TikTok and its modern competitors have simply discovered what advertisers have always known: if you make it short and impactful, people will remember it. 

Putting Short-Form Video to Work for You

Now that you know why short-form videos work, let’s look at how brands can put them to use. These videos are fast, typically between 15 and 60 seconds, so it’s important that you choose a message that you can boil down quickly. Remember, the of a short-form video is two-fold: go viral and prompt engagement. With that in mind, some successful short-form strategies include, 

  • Product sneak-peeks and demos
  • How-to videos using a specific product
  • Video challenges
  • Hashtag campaigns (these help build brand awareness)
  • Influencer sponsorships and collaborations

Short-Form Video

Are You Ready for Short-Form Videos?

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