Importance of Email Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia

Importance of Email Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency Philadelphia

The world of the internet has evolved rapidly since we first began connecting our homes to the World Wide Web. No one would have thought that so soon we would be able to download films and stream content in a matter of minutes, or even use the phone whilst browsing the web. Certainly no one would have predicted the speeds, coverage and availability that mobile internet provides! However, whilst the internet as we know it has changed exponentially, one of the key marketing tools from the early era of the net still proves to be one of the most effective. Today we’re going to explore the key reasons why email marketing is still a vital resource.

  1. Cost effectiveness: email campaigns, whether that be for a promotion, a monthly newsletter, or a regular advertising campaign are a much cheaper and easier way of reaching your audience. This way, no printing, distribution or transport costs are accrued.
  2. Targeting your audience: Using marketing information and analysis you are now able to target your audience much more effectively. A great way to target your audience is through the use of email, meaning they know the message comes from a reputable source. This is also an effective way to improve the customers online shopping experience.
  3. Email is now mobile: With over 52% of Americans now having their email linked to their cell phone*, email is now more mobile than ever! With so many people connected all the time, email marketing has become more interactive, increasing the impact it has on the target audience.
  4. Driving sales instore: With the shopping industry becoming constantly more competitive, new tactics are being deployed to get the shoppers through the doors. Email coupon drives are a great way to get sales up and entice new customers, with a study by showing that 28% of US online shoppers subscribe to product or store emails for information**. These statistics cannot be ignored and highlight the continued importance of email marketing.

So there you have it. Whilst the world of the internet is constantly changing, email marketing has continued, and will continue to be a sure-fire way to communicate effectively with your target audience whilst keeping costs down and increasing the customer experience!