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Digital PR is a method used by brands to maximize their presence online. This is done by forming relationships with content writers and online journalists through digital agencies to gain high quality backlinks, citations and press hits. This approach increases search engine visibility using effective onsite SEO and increased referral traffic, increasing the brand’s online visibility and presence.

An effective “PR hit” is a hit on a site that has a high domain authority, linking the target customer to the brand’s site or to a site relevant to the brand. The most effective PR hits are those that link the target customer to something they would like to see. To utilize digital PR effectively, it is important that the brand clearly explains the content they wish online journalists and content writers to target. This ensures the content for backlinks and SEO is going to have the most effective impact on target customers.

Unlike non-digital PR, which uses viewer ratings as the main focus for finding target customers, digital PR has many more attributes to draw upon, making it more effective and targeted than non-digital approaches. For example, digital PR utilizes the knowledge of digital agencies to gage domain authority when considering opportunities for links to brand content. This way the experience of readers is much more in tune with what they require and are looking for, making the shopping experience a more enjoyable one, as it is far more likely that the content they are being linked to is of interest to them.

Traditional PR companies have had to adapt, using digital agencies to form effective partnerships in the pursuit of ever more effective PR tactics to increase a brand’s presence online. Digital PR offers PR companies a much more effective and targeted approach online. As more and more readers and shoppers use the internet as a means of discovering new items, opportunities, and registering their interest in an array of things, digital PR is becoming more effective as a tactic for linking interested customers to relevant content.