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Responsive web design is extremely important when creating a website and dealing with multiple devices. What do you do when you visit a website and its hard to navigate? You most likely leave the website and go to another site, perhaps a competitor’s site. You don’t want visitors going to your page and doing the same if it’s hard to navigate.

Here are four reasons why responsive web design is key for every website:

1. Variety of devices

With the variety of devices nowadays, you need to make sure your website performs the same on each of these devices. Customers who visit your website on a computer at one point, might be out and about at another and want to visit your website on their phone.  To ensure customer satisfaction, you want to make sure your website is mobile-friendly.  Not only are you helping your customers by having a responsive site, but you are also maintaining customers, which guarantees you business. 

2. Benefits SEO campaigns

As of April 21,2015, Google rearranged the way it ranked websites.  Mobile- friendly sites are now ranked higher compared to sites that aren’t fully accessible from mobile devices.  When creating SEO plans, this is an important factor to consider when deciding on whether to have a responsive web design.  Another important factor to consider is that you don’t have to worry about maintaining numerous SEO campaigns since you’ll only have one site and one SEO campaign to manage.

3. Eliminates Guesswork

Having a responsive web design eliminates guesswork. No more guessing which screen size your customers are going to be using since your website will be accessible on all devices.  Not only is the guesswork eliminated, but so is the aggravation bought to customers who aren’t on a mobile friendly site.

4. Easier to Adapt to Future Devices

Technology is changing everyday and so is the design. A responsive site gives you the advantage in the future because you’ll be able to support new devices and screens. New devices could mean different screen sizes that we haven’t worked with before. Responsive websites will be equipped to meet the needs of new devices and new screen sizes.

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