TikTok SEO: How to Increase Your Discoverability on TikTok

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TikTok has continued to grow in popularity since its introduction. Once seen as the “kids app,” adults have embraced it as those kids have grown up and others have come to the app. With so much activity on the platform, it can be hard to stand out. Here are our methods to improve your discoverability on TikTok. 

Be Interesting

While TikTok is beginning to favor slightly longer content (longer than the initial 15-60 seconds that dominated the site), the first few seconds of a video are the most important. If you can grab your audience’s short attention and keep it for the first three seconds, the TikTok algorithm is more likely to push your content onto more “For You” pages.

Engage with Others

Take time to engage with other creators and their content authentically. Leave insightful comments. Ask questions of other creators. Use stitches and duets to engage with other content. This will help you build relationships with other creators who will reciprocate those efforts for you. 

Include a Call-to-Action

Don’t be shy about asking viewers of your content to engage with you. Writers on TikTok, for example, regularly ask viewers to purchase their books. Encourage viewers to follow your other social media, visit your website, try your products or services, and share their experiences. 

Use Content to Tell a Story

Storytelling has always been a strong part of the TikTok experience, as people visit profiles to seek out additional parts of stories people tell on the app. Use this natural part of the TikTok experience to share your brand story. 

Engage with Your Audience

Don’t just make comments on other’s videos. Respond to comments people make on yours. Answer questions in the comments. Make videos to expand on ideas people bring up in the comments. This kind of engagement encourages people to continue to engage with you and share your videos. 

Keep Up with Hashtags and Trends

Hashtags and trends are the lifeblood of TikTok. Keep up with hashtags relevant to your content and brand, and pay attention to what trends are popular. Participating in filter shares, duets, and challenges helps to draw attention to you and allows the algorithm to pick up your content.

TikTok is still a growing platform, but it has radically changed how we engage with video media. Other sites like Facebook and YouTube have been implementing short-form videos because of the site’s success. By focusing your efforts on these strategies, you can help your brand grow on the app. 

Are You Ready to Improve your Discoverability on TikTok? 

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