20+ Fun and Engaging Instagram Story Ideas for 2023

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Instagram stories are a wonderful way to connect with your audience. To ensure that your stories make it into people’s recommendations, however, you want to ensure that they’re engaging, insightful, and interesting. Here are some of our favorite Instagram story ideas for 2023 to help you prepare for the new year. We’ve even organized our list to help you identify the ideas with your social media goals. 

Increase Follower Engagement with Instagram Stories

These story ideas are perfect for increasing engagement with followers on Instagram. They’re designed to encourage interaction with your posts, which will help boost your stories and content to others as well. 

  • Conduct a Poll – Polls not only help you increase engagement, but they also help you learn about your followers. Multiple choice, “This or That”, and more structured polls help you determine what your followers like and what interests them. 
  • Host a Q&A – Give followers a chance to get to know you better. Q&A’s help you build trust and your brand.
  • Create a Quiz – Engage with your followers through simple quizzes. You can quiz their industry knowledge or just challenge them to general trivia. 
  • Start a Challenge – Encourage your followers to share your content and your hashtags by creating a challenge. 
  • Host a Giveaway – Hosting a giveaway is another way to encourage engagement, as followers like, share, and comment to increase their chances to win or encourage others to take part. 
  • Share User-Generated Content – Often your followers and other Instagram users have something interesting to share. Sharing their content is a good way to increase your posts and encourage your followers to in turn like and share content. 

Provide Team & Company Highlights with Instagram Stories

You have news and information to share about your company and your team. Whether you’ve added teammates, promoted someone, or reached a business milestone or goal, you have something to share. Stories are a great way to get the news out. 

  • Introduce Your Team – Let your followers know who you and your team are through Instagram stories.
  • Create Behind-the-Scenes Stories – Build your brand by offering a sneak peek behind the scenes. 
  • Let a Team Member Do a Takeover – Let a team member take over Instagram for a day and share posts about your company and brand from their perspective.
  • Celebrate Milestones – Use Instagram stories to share successes and company milestones. Let your followers join you to celebrate. 
  • Share Company Updates – Share company news and updates with your followers through your stories.
  • Answer Comments from Other Posts and Stories – Engage with your community and encourage comments by answering comments on posts through your stories. 
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Highlight Products, Services, and Discounts with Instagram Stories

Instagram stories allow you to share new product offerings and promote sales and discounts. Engage with your followers and let them know what’s coming up. 

  • Share Testimonials and Reviews – Let people know what others are saying about your company outside of Instagram.
  • Spotlight New Products and Services – Show your followers what’s coming and what’s new. 
  • Reintroduce an Older Product – If you have a product whose sales are lagging, feature it to help boost new sales. 
  • Announce Discounts and Specials – Let followers know when you have sales and specials or better yet, create unique offerings just for your Instagram followers. 

Provide Educational Content with Instagram Stories

Sharing your knowledge and expertise is a good way to build your brand and foster trust with your followers and consumers. Use Instagram stories to help educate people about your industry and your products, or just offer advice that will help consumers that engage with your brand. 

  • Share Industry News – Your Instagram stories are a good place to share news and your thoughts on how events affect your industry.
  • Post-Quick Tutorials – Post quick how-to videos about your products or other related tutorials.
  • Create Buying Guides Related to Your Industry – Buying guides can help you boost sales as you demonstrate how your products work together and with other products and services.
  • Create Gift List Ideas for Holidays and Special Occasions – Buying guides for special occasions is a way to boost sales and build your expertise and brand.

Instagram Story Ideas for 2023

Other Instagram Story Ideas

Use Instagram stories to share other kinds of information as well. By doing so, you can build your Instagram community while increasing your engagement. 

  • Direct Traffic to Other Sources – Use your stories to highlight and direct people to your other social media and marketing platforms.
  • Start a Countdown – Create countdowns to announcements, offerings, and sales to help build anticipation.
  • Promote Posts from Your Instagram – Use stories to highlight your other Instagram posts. 
  • Share Posts and Stories that Mention You – Boost your brand by showing what other Instagram users have to say about you.

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