AI and Machine Learning in Digital Marketing: The Newest Updates

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With the new year underway, it’s a good time to look at digital marketing trends. At Media Components, we’ve closely followed artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) trends in digital marketing. How are these tools shaping our industry, and what trends do we see emerging for 2023? 


Overcoming the Limits of ChatGPT

Open AI’s ChatGPT has been a potent force in digital marketing due to its functionality in automated content generation and its open-source availability. While ChatGPT and its cohorts pull and learn from a wide array of material freely available on the internet, they have one major drawback, their learning is static, limited to data from 2021 and before.  

Companies like Persado have begun to overcome this limitation with a new form of Generative AI. Called Motivational AI, this artificial intelligence uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to understand the context of content and intent. These AI allow companies to provide information to consumers with persuasive and motivational text to drive sales. 


Using AI to Personalize Marketing

As consumers become more tech-savvy, we’ve noticed a trend that continues to grow; they increasingly opt out of mass marketing. This means that businesses and their marketing partners must personalize marketing to reach consumers who feel overloaded with irrelevant messaging. AI and ML algorithms can parse through customer data, looking at previous orders, time spent on pages, clicks, and other relevant actions to customize email marketing messages to those behaviors. This means that Boca Raton companies looking to maximize their digital marketing to target consumers better can avoid sending out promotions and service offerings that leads aren’t interested in, reducing unsubscribe occurrences and driving more lead-generated sales. 


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Using AI to Enhance Marketing Research

Today, companies have two primary avenues to gain insights into consumer behavior. The first is marketing research, which taps into broad trends and includes competitor behaviors, but only offers and snapshot and misses out on customer behavior fluctuations. Alternatively, they can use social listening platforms, which keep up with consumer trends, but miss out on competitor behavior and larger market changes. 

AI offers a solution that essentially combines the strengths of both traditional market research and social listening platforms. By constantly analyzing data sources from both, AI can offer a fuller picture of marketing trends in a particular industry. If market research is a snapshot, using AI to enhance that research turns it into a stream. 


Using AI for Customer Data Management

Just as AI can turn market research into something dynamic, it can also streamline customer data management for companies and marketers. Generative AI algorithms can pull together information across sales, marketing, commerce, and services, allowing companies to connect billions of data points into insights and analytics. Data that would take an individual or team weeks or months to sort through can be analyzed in seconds. Moreover, ML algorithms can ensure that the AI adapts to changes in data, ensuring that information returned from analysis stays relevant to consumer and marketing changes and fluctuations. 


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