4 Basic Steps to SEO Your WordPress Website on a Budget

4 Basic Steps to SEO Your WordPress Website on a Budget

Keyword Research

There are many free tools available to conduct keyword research. Google’s AdWords researcher works well, as well as Wordtracker. Google also provides this tool to check out trends in keywords. Once you’ve found good keywords that relate to your business, focus on keywords that are low-competition. This means that if you search the keyword, there should be less than 70,000 results for that search. Any more than this and you will have to work much harder to become visible in the rankings. Make sure the search has some traffic, however, as being highly ranked for something no-one searches isn’t useful.

Choose One Keyword or Phrase, and then Write or Tweak Your Article

Once you’ve chosen your keyword, write a post that fits nicely with that keyword. Alternately, go back and modify an old post that makes sense. Note that you should not be letting search queries dictate what you write. Find keywords and phrases that make sense to incorporate into the blog you’re already writing, and take advantage of that. Make sure to put the key phrases in your title, tags, and early on in prominent places in your article. But be reasonable! If it sounds like you’re keyword spamming, then you are, and your audience will know. Also, use the keywords in meta description tags. It won’t help with ranking, but it will let people know that your article is relevant.

Include Related Images

Images are just as important, if not more so, than the words in your article. If your article has nice, relevant images, it immediately appears to be a better resource than an article that doesn’t. Find images that relate as closely as possible to your article and keywords, and make sure they are good quality and copyright-free.

Other SEO Factors

These tips, of course, aren’t going to get you to number 1 for a search within days, but they’ll give your SEO the boost it needs without becoming a full-time job. If you need more help or want to go bigger with your SEO efforts, there are plenty of resources to help out, you can also contact us at Media Components! Get in touch to see how we can help out with your search engine optimization needs.