4 Business Ideas for Instagram Stories

4 Business Ideas for Instagram Stories

Your business may already have an Instagram profile, and you may have a pretty big following on Instagram, but are you using it to its full advantage yet? Recently, Instagram introduced a new feature to the application called “Stories”. Much like Snapchat, where stories are posted for all your friends to see for a 24 hour period, Instagram stories allow everyone on Instagram to see your story. Now you may be wondering, that’s cool, but how is my business going to utilize that? Well, here are four ideas for you to post to your story!

1. Show a Day in the Life of Your Business

There are a lot of aspects in the running of your business that most people don’t get to see. This is one area you can focus on. For instance, if you run a restaurant, showing the process of cooking a new dish, or just an old favorite! Showing a behind-the-scenes look at your business not only gives your audience a new view, but also makes them feel special.

Instagram Stories support both photo and video, so feel free to experiment with both and see what works best for your business’ profile!

Remember- spontaneity is key! Instagram Stories can be posted quite quickly, and while planning ahead is always a good option, a quick snippet of your daily routine can be incredibly effective for your brand.

2. Highlight Your Content

You have a blog, right? Take the content from your already popular blog and condense it down to bite-sized bits for your Instagram story. This will encourage people not only to check out your blog post- but the rest of your blog as well.

Through Instagram, you can upload photos to your story, so preparing the images beforehand should be the first thing you do! Make sure to include a call to action or let them know where to find the rest of your amazing content.

3. Show off Your Creative Process

Whether it’s a new design, or you’re halfway through a big project, showing it off builds trust with your audience. Giving your audience a peek at the process behind your products not only shows your audience what you’ve been up to, but also helps to show the power of your brand and what services your company is capable of providing.

Make sure you clear it with any parties that may have sensitive information shown! Especially with clients or customers, it is important to have their permission, just in case.

4. Show off your Team!

Do you work in a small team, or do your employees make a large impact on your work? Show them off! Not only will your employees feel special, being able to show off what they do to your Instagram audience, but your audience will also get to know the people behind their favorite products or services.

There are plenty of ways to show off your brand through social media channels, but Instagram is one of the more personal ways for your brand to connect with an audience. Your story should be an expansion of your profile, making sure to highlight the details in your business. Highlighting products, people, content, and services are all ways to enhance your Instagram presence and build your social media following!

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